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Watch: Luke Willson explains when he knew the 2021 Seahawks would struggle

One training camp practice is all it took for Willson to realize the 2021 team didn’t have the heart of a champion.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the slowest part of the offseason, with the news void of the summer doldrums in the NFL, but lucky for fans of the Seattle Seahawks former Hawks linebacker K.J. Wright recently hosted Luke Willson on his KJ All Day Podcast to discuss a wide range of subjects. The pair, along with Gee Scott, touch on several topics that Seattle fans will enjoy hearing about, including, as laid out in the following tweet from Wright, what led to Willson’s sudden retirement from the team after just a single practice during training camp in 2021.

Some of the other topics touched on during the rest of the podcast were:

  • The heartbreak of the way Super Bowl XLIX ended
  • When did Willson know Geno Smith would be good (around 42 minute mark)
  • Trading for Jimmy Graham and what that meant for the team (around 52 minute mark)
  • The offensive line and its reputation (around 59 minute mark)
  • The origins of Techno Thursday and his legacy (right around the one hour mark)

And several other topics that are certain to be of interest to Seahawks fans, especially in the biggest news void of the year for the NFL.

The full interview is linked in Wright’s tweet, or can be accessed directly from YouTube.