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Ranking the Seahawks: Dynasty edition

If you could keep one player per year going all the way back to Bobby Wagner, who’d you have?

NFL: DEC 08 Seahawks at Rams

Sick of quarterback rankings, tiers, and positional hierarchies? You’ve come to the right place.

The thrust of this piece is simple: If you could keep ONE Seattle Seahawks player from each year (whether drafted here or acquired other ways), what would your new team look like?

Here’s mine:

Rookie Class

Devon Witherspoon. Excited to see what a Top-5 cornerback can do for us instead of trying to climb on DK Metcalf for once.

Second Year (Rookies last year)

Charles Cross. Was tempted to go with Kenneth Walker, but a reliable left tackle is too good to pass up, and the likelihood of Cross still improving alongside the reality that Walker plays running back is not insignificant.

Third Year

This class is some pretty slim pickings. I would love it to be Tre Brown, and for that half of his rookie year it sure looked like it would be Brown, but at the moment it’s gotta be Michael Jackson. Don’t know what it looks like for him this season, but he’s the one who started a full year.

Fourth Year

Before December, it’s Jordyn Brooks. Heading into this season...honestly it’s probably Damien Lewis for me. Darrell Taylor will be mentioned more, but they’ve continued to add pieces to the edge in particular, and if he proves me wrong and has nine or more sacks again, I’ll be very happy to be wrong. For consistency though, I’ll take Lewis.

Fifth Year

This is DK Metcalf. Apologies to strong contenders Dre’Mont Jones and Julian Love.

Sixth Year (Rashaad Penny draft class)

Jamal Adams.

Uchenna Nwosu is also here, and some people will undoubtedly opt for anyone besides Adams, but that’s an emotional response. He’s the best player and if he can keep his freakin’ muscles attached I so desperately want to see what this defense looks like.

Seventh Year

This is where we begin to run out of players. As in, there are no players.

Eighth Year

Jarran Reed. Welcome back, old friend.

Ninth Year

I set out on a quest for there to be no ties in this list. But that was back when I forgot that Quandre Diggs and Tyler Lockett were both drafted in 2015.

But rules are rules, and for more than just the name, Tyler Lockett gets my vote. Easily one of the most underrated wide receivers of his lifetime.

Tenth Year (these guys are older than never mind we don’t have any)

11th Year

Eugene Cyril Smith, NFL Top-5 quarterback some times.


I mean, it’s Bobby Wagner.

That would be a beautiful and fitting way to end this, were it not for the man himself, the one Between Two Bellores, the multi-million-dollar Special Teams man, the only guy who can beat Quandre Diggs in a Twitter battle and the only guy older than Bobby:

13th Year

Nick Bellore.

Well, that was fun. Put your own answers in the comments section below!

Go Hawks!