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Video: Marshawn Lynch clue completely stumps ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants

More often than not, it’s the sports clues that are a problem on the famed trivia game show.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Evidently ‘Beast Mode’ did not prompt any of Wednesday’s Jeopardy! contestants to go into ‘Buzz Mode.’

Legendary Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was one of the clues on the famed game show, under the category “Official Nicknames” for $600. Reigning champion Ben Goldstein had control of the board.

The clue: “Powerhouse Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch trademarked this as his nickname.”

You know the answer because, well, you’re reading Field Gulls right now. But these trivia-heads were in shambles.

Thanks to Dan Morse for pulling the video down:

“Beast Mode!” said host Mayim Bialik.

“Of course!” said Goldstein.

Ben did get the Daily Double clue for $800 in the same category, although the trio couldn’t figure out the $1,000 clue for which Central Asian country was called “Land of the Great Steppe” by its former President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Beastmodeistan is not a country, in case you’re wondering.

By the way, Ben won this episode and is now a four-day champion. This normally wouldn’t be a super big deal but I know who he is! He’s listed on the show as “Content Marketing Strategist” but like myself, he used to work in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry. He co-founded the now defunct Cage Potato, which back in the day was a big time MMA outlet and a place I frequented over the years.

My initial tweet is deleted but Ben, if you’re reading this, congrats on your winning streak but you should’ve paid attention to my angry Seahawks tweets a little more!