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Jordyn Brooks provides very encouraging video update on recovery process

Jordyn Brooks suffered a heart wrenching ACL injury to end last season, but it looks like his recovery is on track!

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Bobby Wagner may be back in the right uniform, but the Seattle Seahawks are still waiting it out with Jordyn Brooks during his recovery from a Week 17 ACL injury that required offseason surgery. While Brooks’ status to open the season has been up in the air due to the nature of the injury as well as when it occurred, we are at least getting some tentatively good news; Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic shared the clip below which seems to indicate that the leading tackler in 2022 is doing well in his rehab.

According to the RotoWire staff at CBS Sports, this is a sign that Brooks may be ahead of the projected time table for recovery, or at least on track. Obviously, running and cutting without pads on an empty field is a lot different than flying around during live action, but this is nonetheless encouraging to see. Jordyn Brooks has a big year ahead of him, who Pete Carroll maintains has a “long, long future for us,” despite not picking up his fifth-year option. Still, I am looking forward to seeing Brooks and Wagner back on the field together, so hopefully we will catch a glimpse of that sooner than later!