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Casual Friday open thread: Posting your Ws

Come chat with us through the holiday break!

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Welcome to another edition of Casual Friday, the open thread where the community can get together and chat about stuff unrelated to the Seattle Seahawks. Some of you will eventually escape that thread about where Pete Carroll ranks among top coaches and want to actually see the rest of the site.

I’m shamelessly stealing this theme from The Phinsider and repurposing it for our own open thread.

Their victory theme asks how your week has been and if you have any personal victories you’d like to share. Today is June 30 so I’ll go one better and ask how your month has been. Have you posted any big W’s lately? This can include rebuilding your garage, entering parenthood, running a marathon, buying a new home, adopting a puppy, going a full week without getting yelled at by your boss, celebrating the graduation of your child(ren), I don’t really care. It’s your victory, and you get to celebrate.

I’ve booked up my half-week holiday for next week, which is a major W in itself because I haven’t had a lot of those in recent years.

Head to the comments section to leave your answer and join the conversation! You can sign up for a commenting account below and we have full-time moderators to enforce the Community Guidelines.