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Pete Carroll fails to crack PFF’s top-10 NFL coaches list

Pete’s strengths have largely gone unappreciated lately.

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t made the Super Bowl in nearly 10 years.

But the recency bias has recently begun to overshadow Pete Carroll’s accomplishments in the NFL to the point of absurdity.

Look, everybody’s got a case, and quite a few current coaches have won a Super Bowl by now, but only three guys on that list have proven it as long as Carroll.

You can criticize the timeouts and certain game-plan elements all you want, but Pete Carroll is the third winningest active head coach. Ahead of everyone except the top two guys.

Even by win percentage stacked against some dudes with fewer than 70 total games, Carroll would be 8th-highest.

One of Carroll’s greatest strengths does not contain the quick-paced razzle-dazzle of the current NFL, and his immediate legacy has suffered. Carroll’s not the splashy 30-year old. But he’s consistently turned over rosters, gotten the best of his players year-after-year.

Personally, I’m not all that worked up about it. I bet if we polled 100 honest* NFL fans, not a one of them would say Brian freaking Daboll will retire being known as a better head coach than Pete.

*should such a thing even exist

It is interesting, how a guy who often was in the same breath as Bill Belichick is not considered a top-third coach by some people with internet accounts.

For what it’s worth, I think what Carroll did with Geno Smith and rookies - specifically in the wake of a 10-year franchise leader traded away - is exactly the type of thing Pete does better than anyone else in the NFL.

We’ll see what Pete can do to sway the votes in one direction or the other this season.