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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 87: Walter Jones

The NFL Hall of Famer, and arguably the greatest Seahawk of all time, kicks off this year’s Positional Breakdown series by examining the O-line with Jacson and Mike.

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Can’t tell you how excited I am about this one!

It’s time for the annual Cigar Thoughts Positional Breakdown series and batting leadoff is the greatest left tackle of all time. Walter Jones joined Mike and I in the Cigar Lounge to discuss:

*The keys to his success (3:23)

*The evolution of football since his playing days (5:28)

*His thoughts on Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas (11:49)

*How Seattle’s interior line can improve (16:24)

*And his expectations for the Seahawks in 2023 (27:52)

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as we did— cheers!

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