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Casual Friday open thread: What brought you to Field Gulls?

Field Gulls has been around for almost 20 years. How did you discover the site?

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Normally for these Casual Friday sessions we go off-topic and talk about anything other than the Seattle Seahawks. For this week, we’re still talking about the Seattle Seahawks. Sort of.

Field Gulls has been a part of SB Nation since 2006 and we’re still going strong 17 years later. Some of you are new to the site and others have been around in some capacity (reading/lurking, commenting, staff writing, etc.) for almost the entirety of FG’s existence.

But we rarely, if ever, ask what or why you decided to frequent Field Gulls. Until now!

Was there any specific article, series, or author(s) that convinced you that FG was one of (if not the number one) go-to place for Seahawks coverage? I know I was hooked on Field Gulls as a kid back in (I think) 2007) just perusing the game threads and the articles written by John Morgan, Scruffy Lefty, Shrug, and others. Those specific type of sports blogs were relatively new at the time and paved the way for the wide-sweeping changes to the media landscape that we see today. Back then, I was a way over-eager and under-informed teenager commenting on Field Gulls. Now I’m a way over-eager and under-informed adult who actually runs the place.

Tell us your story in the comments section about your Field Gulls journey! And for some of you who lurk but don’t really comment, don’t be shy!