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Home Run Derby 2023 winners: Julio Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr, and Marshawn Lynch

Some Seahawks tried to steal Julio Rodriguez’s spotlight.

MLB: All Star-Home Run Derby Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle is truly alive with energy right now. The sports fans of the Pacific Northwest showed up in a big way to support one of the state’s biggest stars as the Seattle Mariners host the Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Game.

While Julio Rodriguez didn’t win the Home Run Derby on Monday night, he did set a new record in round one.

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t been left out of the festivities this week, as a few players have been seen around town.

Foremost among those on Monday was the man who simply will not quit, who probably wasn’t actually invited on field in the first place but who nobody would dare stop.

Marshawn Lynch was undeniably himself in his brief appearance at T-Mobile Park.

I’ve become convinced over the years that Beast Mode lives by the personal philosophy if you do enough good stuff along the way, you can get away with doing a bit of whatever you want on the side.

In a day when the very young Julio Rodriguez stole the show for 15 minutes, it was awesome to see some of the greatest Seattle sports personalities adding to the festivities.

It is a net positive, this conflux of sports icons, and it’s been a truly enjoyable week while we wait for the Seahawks to break camp.