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Madden NFL 24 ratings: No Seahawks stars crack top-10 at wide receiver or safety

The disrespect for Quandre Diggs continues?

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

A new NFL season also means a new season of complaining about the Madden NFL video game series. As we edge closer to the August 18 release date for Madden NFL 24, the much-debated player ratings are slowly trickling in, starting with wide receivers and safeties.

I’d contend that we are in prime years for wide receiver play, so it’s not surprising that for as good as Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are, neither one of them made the top-10.

Justin Jefferson is in that fabled 99 club, while Tyreek Hill is the runner-up. DeAndre Hopkins (who wasn’t in the ratings database released on Madden’s website, presumably because he was still a free agent at the time) is still in the top-10, and maybe surprisingly Amari Cooper gets the 10th spot over CeeDee Lamb.

Receivers 11-14 consist of Lamb, Mike Evans, Deebo Samuel, and Keenan Allen before Tyler Lockett comes in at 15th. He has an overall rating of 89, down from last year’s 90, with a marked speed decrease from 93 to 90. Lockett’s teammate DK Metcalf is 17th (behind Mike Williams) with an 88 overall rating, with his awareness rating dropping from 92 from last year’s game to 88 this year. His catch rating also dipped slightly from 92 to 91, whereas Lockett’s catch rating is a superb 98.

Getting over to the safeties, Jamal Adams has scarcely played over the past couple of seasons but he’s still got a pretty high rating. He’s just outside the top-10, fittingly at No. 12 and one spot ahead of Quandre Diggs.

Adams was a 90 last year and Diggs was just an 84, so Adams’ overall rating declined slightly but Quandre’s went up. You may recall Diggs’ reaction to his rating in 2022.

Interestingly enough, the top-rated safety is not Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Derwin James of the Los Angeles Chargers. Tyrann Mathieu is somehow 6th, which is perfect for the “Madden is just giving you glorified roster update” jokes.

More Madden ratings to come throughout the week to produce fierce debate over video game rankings!