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Seahawks unveil ‘new’ throwback unis, and they’re everything we hoped for

The Seattle Seahawks will finally get to sport some retro colors in 2023!

Seattle Seahawks QB Rick Mirer... SetNumber: X46897

They’re here!!! The Seattle Seahawks will finally get the opportunity to don throwback uniforms this year, and the wait has been excruciating to say the least. Some of us may be old enough to remember the myriad variations we have seen on some of our favorite Hawks throughout the years, but even for those who have grown up in the modern era, this is still great news since the throwbacks are guaranteed to look a far cry better than the ‘action green’ color rush jerseys. The team teased the announcement earlier in the week with this hilarious, prescient homage to the days of the Kingdome.

Well tease no more, the moment is here!

We can expect to get the chance to see the Seahawks actually get to play in these come Week 8 when the Cleveland Browns come to town. Additionally, the team may be wearing these again in Week 13 when they travel to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football. But we wont have to wait that long to see some of the guys donning the gear! Quandre Diggs took to Twitter and TikTok to show off some matching cleats, which I for one absolutely love.

The obligatory ‘photoshop a player into uniform’ moment happened, but this time I am actually totally okay with it.

Uniform drops are always fun, but this one was particularly meaningful for me, as I imagine it may be for some of you as well. I grew up watching them play in these, and in some ways it is still how I will always see the team in my head. If you asked me to show you the Seahawks blue and green, I would probably still instinctively reach for my box of crayons and pick out the closest shades I could find to the ones above, and if you are good at reading the subtext here, you probably guessed that I am way too old to have a box of crayons within reaching distance. Even for newer fans, seeing the team sport some new threads adds some novelty to the spectacle, as it has now been several years since a major uniform shakeup for the team. The regular season is still a ways out, but we are reaching the point of the summer where things are starting to pick up... dropping some long-awaited throwback uniforms mid-week is a great way to build some excitement leading up to training camp!