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The Seahawks went all-out on throwback uniform reveal in the coolest way possible

Only those of a certain age remember the dial-up tone. screenshot

The Seattle Seahawks released the long-awaited throwback uniforms on Wednesday. Seattle hasn’t sported a retro look since returning to the NFC West in 2002, so today was met with eager anticipation, and when these unis are worn for the Oct. 29 game against the Cleveland Browns it will be a momentous occasion for many Seahawks fans.

Reaction to the uniforms has been met with universal praise, but full marks must go to the Seahawks organization for the commitment to the 1990s bit. If you go to their homepage, it’s a real blast from the past. If you know, you know.

Click on that start button and you get that old dial-up tone. screenshot

(That part is skipable, by the way)

Once you reach the dedicated throwback section of the Seahawks website, you get an intentionally broken banner and a design that makes you wonder if you’ve traveled straight back to the GeoCities era.

Take a bow, Seahawks. Take a bow. This was as well-executed as you could possibly get, and now we wait for October to roll around to see these unis in action!