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The Field Gulls roster refresher

Get to know who’s on the staff and what they do!

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

It’s training camp week for the Seattle Seahawks. While we have plenty of time to analyze and assess the Seahawks roster, this is as good a time as any to do our own refresher on who’s on the Field Gulls staff. You’ll also get some clarity on our roles within the site, as well as links to their author profiles.

The General Manager

Mookie Alexander. I’m the one in charge of the site and this is my fourth full season as Field Gulls’ managing editor. I’ve been a formal part of the Field Gulls team since 2017, and as of 2022 I’m a full-time SB Nation employee. You may also know me as the Enemy Reaction guy. I know San Francisco 49ers fans do.

The Assistant GM

John Gilbert. A member of the staff since 2016, John’s official job title is Deputy Editor, meaning he helps me oversee the site’s daily operations. Those tasks include writing his own articles, editing and scheduling articles written by other staff members, managing the website layout, and other behind the scenes stuff that is too dull to get into. Gilbert is best known as our optimism dousing expert chief salary cap guru, which makes sense since he used to be an investment banker. If you’ve ever outrage clicked on a John Gilbert headline, I know that means John has done a good job.

The Roster

The Veterans

John Fraley. John has worn many hats during his 10 years (!!) here. He’s been a copy editor, moderator, and currently he’s a writer who weaves in as many dad jokes and puns as possible. I was certain he was related to former Seattle Mariners outfielder Jake Fraley, but evidently that’s not the case. Ditto for current Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert and his lack of familial ties to John Gilbert.

Tyler Alsin. Four years ago, Tyler won a fanpost contest writing about Doug Baldwin, and that turned into a job as one of our lead writers on Field Gulls. He focuses on opinion pieces and news items, and I’m pretty sure every article he’s ever published generates at least 80 comments and loads of pageviews. He has that magic touch.

Diane Taylor. When Alistair Corp left Field Gulls to pursue other ventures, we went on a mini-hiring spree of sorts to replace Alistair’s position. One of our additions was Diane Taylor, who’s in her third season as a contributing writer. This season her role has been expanded a bit so expect to see more Diane articles in the near future, including our big roster refresh to start August!

Frank T. Raines. Our resident optimism and supreme hater of the Rams, Frank made an immediate impact by putting up trade scenarios for Russell Wilson a year before it actually happened. Even I thought it was a ludicrous idea at first and I still ran the articles, but we all know what happened last offseason. Like Diane, this is also his third season on the staff. Prepare for Frank’s 12 Thoughts column just about every month!

The Rookie

Ted Zahn. Having previously worked for AllSeahawks, Ted is in his first season with the Field Gulls staff and has already carved out a regular series called Ted’s Talks. If you’re a fan of Nintendo gaming, he’s your man! Welcome Ted aboard and also commiserations that he’s out in Packers Country. I trust that he has made it abundantly clear to all those around him that Golden Tate, in fact, caught it.

The Specialists

Jacson Bevens. Every week win, lose, or draw, you get Cigar Thoughts post-game thoughts and analysis from Jacson, who’s been a staple of Field Gulls since 2011. You also get his Cigar Thoughts podcast both during the season and in the offseason, and plenty of big-time guests appear on the show, including Mina Kimes, Walter Jones, Mike Sando, and more!

Samuel Gold. Want to be a smarter football fan? Watch Samuel Gold’s awesome All-22 breakdowns in his Sam’s Film Room series, which we periodically get every season.

Devin Csigi. What’s that, more film specialists? Yes, Devin is in his second season at Field Gulls and once worked over at Sports Info Solutions, where he learned to watch the tape. Devin also occasionally contributes salary cap and betting line articles, but film analysis is his go-to for us.

Terrance Robinson. Thadisrad is rad, indeed. He curates all of the daily links and puts them in our Pre-Snap Reads, ready for your consumption every day at 6 AM PT. After every Seahawks game, the Daily Links post becomes Post-Snap Reads. This is Terrance’s third year in charge of Pre-Snap Reads, taking over from Brendan O’Leary.

The Referee

Alaric10000. After a deep investigation into his background, I can confirm that Alaric10000 is not a robot, but I’ve yet to determine whether he is a descendant of any of the Alarics who were kings of the Visigoths. Alaric is our long-time local community moderator whose banhammer is seldom used but it is very powerful. I do want to note that we have full-time SB Nation-wide mods, so if you have a comment that disappears for some reason, don’t instantly blame Alaric.

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We lost our Field Gulls podcast as part of the SB Nation layoffs earlier this year, which means we had to bid farewell to Dan Viens and Dayna O’Gorman after just one season. Stay tuned, as we might have some live streams coming back to the site very soon.

So that’s your Field Gulls roster update! If you love Field Gulls, tell your friends about us and explain that we should be one of their go-to places for Seahawks coverage.