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How much of preseason do you usually watch?

We do mean Seahawks preseason, of course.

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

We’re exactly two weeks away from the Seattle Seahawks’ preseason opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and I’m sure many are eager to watch rookies Devon Witherspoon (assuming he signs his contract by then), Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Zach Charbonnet, Derick Hall, and others in live action for the first time. This is the third year of having only three exhibitions, a far cry from the half-dozen teams used to play in the 1970s.

In recent seasons we’ve seen a change in preseason mentality, where first-team regulars play less frequently than ever before. Many star quarterbacks get, at most, a quarter’s worth of preseason play out of a maximum of 12 (or 16 for those who play the Hall of Fame Game). It’ll be interesting to see how the Seahawks handle Geno Smith’s playing time next month, now that he’s the undisputed number one starter.

Getting back on topic... I obviously have a job to do so I watch every Seahawks preseason game from start to finish, with the exception of the 2021 season when I had to cover a Manny Pacquiao fight and missed most of the Broncos game. Even before I started writing for Field Gulls I usually watched into the second halves of every exhibition, and would tune out if the outcome was already decided one way or another.

I used to watch other nationally televised preseason action for varying lengths of time, but now YouTube takes care of catching me up on anything interesting.

How much of Seahawks preseason do you usually watch? And are you the type to have a peek at other teams’ preseason action?

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