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Breaking down the 5 longest touchdown runs against the Seahawks in 2022

It was a bad year for Seattle’s run defense.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks run defense was poor last season. They allowed 4.9 yards per carry (tied for 26th), gave up the sixth most first-down carries, and tied for the fifth=most rushing touchdowns allowed with 21. In seven of their regular season games they allowed 161 or more yards on the ground.

Despite this being a pass-heavy league, allowing rushing numbers like that is going to cost teams football games, something that was apparent against the Carolina Panthers and the Thursday night game against the San Francisco 49ers, both of which were played in Seattle. Clint Hurtt’s defense also struggled when it came to allowing chunk plays on the ground, some of which went for touchdowns. Down below we are going to review the five longest rushing touchdowns allowed by Seattle last season.

Josh Jacobs 86 yard rush

This run capped off what was an otherworldly game for Jacobs, in which he amassed 303 total yards and scored two touchdowns on 39 touches. On this game-winning play, the Las Vegas Raiders called a simple inside zone running play with a lead blocker. This run does have some duo blocking tendencies but with only one double team block it can’t be duo.

Vegas doubles Al Woods off of the snap which prevents him from being able to create any type of internal push. Right tackle Jermaine Eluemunor, tight end Foster Moreau, and fullback Jakob Johnson perfectly sealed off the right C gap with Mack Hollins picked up a crucial downfield block on Quandre Diggs. Then after a missed tackle by Josh Jones at the third level, Jacobs was able to cruise to the end zone for the touchdown.

Taysom Hill 60 yard rush

Taysom Hill had a massive game against the Seahawk,s totaling 112 rushing yards and three touchdowns on just nine carries, including the game-winner. This is jumbo power as New Orleans had seven linemen on the field, three tight ends including Hill and a fullback.

Right guard Cesar Ruiz pulls on the play and seals the left side as he forces Tariq Woolen away from the gap. Fullback J.P. Holtz crosses the face of Hill and serves as a lead blocker who is able to close off Jordyn Brooks, who would’ve likely been able to come up and make a tackle had Holtz not been there. Woolen does his best Usain Bolt impersonation to try and get Hill but rather than wrapping up and playing for first and goal, he tries for the Peanut Tillman punch which allows Hill to score.

Jamaal Williams 51 yard carry

Before this carry I honestly didn’t think Jamaal Williams was capable of a run for more than 15 yards, but this defense proved me wrong. This is a beautifully run power-blocking scheme that also features another missed tackle by Josh Jones. The Lions left guard serves as the puller who comes down the line of scrimmage and seals off Darrell Taylor whilst the Lions right tight end climbs to the second level and does just enough to take Cody Barton out of the play.

Lastly, Jordyn Brooks is almost able to make the arm tackle but right tackle Penei Sewell does just enough to put him off. If Jones is able to pick up the tackle it would’ve still been a big run for Detroit, but it obviously would have prevented the touchdown.

Josh Jacobs 30 yard carry

Another Josh Jacobs chunk play, but this time on an outside zone pitch with a lead blocker. This play though is made by Jacobs’ abilities as a ball carrier and some poor Seattle tackling. The Seahawks defense initially does a good job of pursuing to the outside and forcing Jacobs back inside, but that is where the positives end for them. Shelby Harris gets juked out of his shoes by Jacobs who is then able to stiff arm Al Woods en route to his first touchdown of the game.

Cordarrelle Patterson 17 yard carry

The fifth longest touchdown rush allowed by the Seahawks comes on a well designed weak side inside zone play. Seattle loads up the defense’s right side, which they are forced to do because of the offensive alignment with the end line tight end and in tight receiver. But this play is made for the Falcons by Cody Barton, who rather than staying gap sound instead decides to engage center Drew Dalman for reasons I cannot explain. If Barton stays at home and where he is designed to this likely goes down as a three or four yard carry, if that. But because he badly loses eye discipline it results in a touchdown for the Dirty Birds.

The follow-up article will look at the 5 longest touchdown passes allowed by the Seahawks defense last season.