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Report: Former Seahawk Godwin Igwebuike no longer an option for return game

After exciting fans down the stretch in 2022, Igwebuike stayed unsigned through the offseason and reportedly now has a new home.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

When the return game of the Seattle Seahawks struggled during 2022, they turned to the practice squad and gave Godwin Igwebuike a chance to show what he could do, and he capitalized on the opportunity. The 28 year old safety turned running back turned that opportunity into eleven kick returns for an average of 28.0 yards per return, with a long of 50 in sparking the return game of the Hawks.

That led to many fans hoping that Seattle would retain the services of Igwebuike in 2023, but as the offseason dragged on Igwebuike remain a free agent, unsigned as teams apparently lacked interest. However, according to a report from NFL Insider for ESPN Adam Schefter, Igwebuike is set to sign, but it is not with the Seahawks.

Assuming the report is accurate, the Atlanta Falcons will become the seventh NFL franchise to have employed Igwebuike since he entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent safety out of Northwestern in 2018. Prior to the Seahawks he also spent time with the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Best of luck to Igwebuike in Atlanta, in particular in Week 10 when the Falcons are slated to face off against the Arizona Cardinals.