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Video: Former Seahawks DL Poona Ford has his dream highlight at Bills training camp

It’s a big man with a football. Enjoy it even though he’s not in Seattle anymore.

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle Jamie Germano/Democrat and Chronicle / USA TODAY NETWORK

Poona Ford might not be with the Seattle Seahawks anymore, but he’s nevertheless a popular figure who went from an undersized UDFA to a multi-year starting defensive tackle on the defensive line.

Ford signed a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills earlier in the offseason, where he’ll be in competition for snaps on what has been a top-tier defense over the past few seasons. At Sunday’s training camp, Ford lived out one of the dream highlights for a big man on the d-line.

With backup quarterback Matt Barkley in the game, Poona got his hands on (what I think was) an attempted screen pass, and he took off the other way. Starting quarterback Josh Allen ran onto the field in an effort to strip him, but you can’t beat that pure speed from Poona. It’s the Poona Pick-6.

Once upon a time, Poona was a fullback and running back, which now makes me regret that the Seahawks never lined him up for something at the goal-line.

Good luck to Ford in Buffalo! And if the defensive line room is too crowded, there’s always the possibility of a position switch.