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Who are your favorite non-Seahawks players of all-time?

Let’s remember some guys.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We’re all Seattle Seahawks fans, but we’re also NFL fans, and I’m sure all of you have players you loved watching growing up (or even right now) who never played in a Seahawks uniform. For this week’s discussion, we’re going to reminisce about some of our favorite non-Seahawks players over the years.

I’ll give you one each from offense, defense, and special teams to get things rolling.

On offense there is one receiver whom I hope reaches the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he was that damn good.

Steve Smith Sr is 12th all-time in career receptions at 1,031, and that’s with a lost season in 2004 to injury, and an Achilles injury in 2015 that ended that season at the halfway mark. He is the only receiver who’s top-15 all-time in NFL catches and shorter than 6’0 tall. At just 5’9 and 190 pounds he played like someone much bigger, and I’ve always loved his competitiveness to go along with his outstanding receiving skills.

Defensively I have to go with Ed Reed. There greatest ball-hawk I’ve ever seen and I doubt we see anyone better than him in our lifetimes. Beyond the joy of watching the San Francisco 49ers losing the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens, it was so awesome seeing Reed finally get his championship ring just as he was on the downside of his career. He remains the only player in NFL history to have multiple touchdowns off interceptions, fumbles, blocked punts, and punt returns.

Bill Belichick probably still marvels at this particular interception off of Peyton Manning, which he insists is the greatest play he’s ever seen a free safety make.

Reed could truly do it all at an elite level. Great in pass coverage, great against the run, terrific instincts, great tackler, dangerous blitzer, and just an all-around football genius. He is my number one defensive player of all-time, with all due respect to the entire Legion of Boom. I can only imagine how giddy Pete Carroll could’ve been if he ever had a prime Ed Reed... and he coached Troy Polamalu in college!

On special teams, it’s too easy to say Devin Hester. He is the greatest return man of all-time and also he played for the Seahawks for about 10 minutes so I’ve ruled him out of contention. Preceding Hester was Dante Hall, aka “The X Factor.” When I was living in Las Vegas I would hope we would get Kansas City Chiefs games almost entirely because of Dante, who was the premier return specialist before Hester and also a threat as a wide receiver. His prime was short but it was electrifying, and this juke is one of the sickest you’ll ever see.

Discuss your favorite non-Seahawks players in the comments!

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