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Casual Friday open thread: Whatever you want it to be!

It’s a themeless Casual Friday.

Houston Astros v. Seattle Mariners Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Welcome to another edition of the Casual Friday open thread, your place to discuss topics unrelated to the Seattle Seahawks.

No theme today. It’s whatever you want (within the parameters of the Community Guidelines, of course). This is the community room and you decide what you want to talk about. Have you read any good books lately? Did you find some good deals at WinCo? What’s the deal with airline food? Will the Mariners do the damn thing and make the playoffs? All of that’s on the table.

Now on a more serious and somber note, I know we have some Field Gulls commenters who reside in Hawaii. The island of Maui has been devastated with wildfires that have killed at least 55 people in the town of Lahaina, and the destructive scenes are absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking. I’m hoping our community members and their loved ones have been safe this whole time.

The Seahawks organization made a donation to the Hawaii Community Foundation to support Maui residents, and you can do the same by clicking this link.