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Marshawn Lynch joining ESPN’s SlamBall playoffs broadcasts

The Seahawks legend is going to be a basketball commentator. Sort of.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Remember SlamBall? A more physical version of basketball but on trampolines? Well it’s been revived and it’s on ESPN instead of Spike TV (now the Paramount Network). And for the playoffs, which begin today (August 15), Marshawn Lynch is joining the commentary team.

“Marshawn Lynch stands out as one of the sports world’s most distinctive personalities, making him a perfect addition to the SlamBall broadcast booth,” SlamBall co-founder Mason Gordon said in the press release. “His unfiltered perspective and extensive experience on sports’ biggest stages will perfectly complement John Schriffen and Jon Dorenbos, who have been mainstays this season. With this playoff broadcast team, we’re confident in elevating the already exhilarating on-court action for our viewers.”

Unaware how SlamBall works? Well luckily there’s a rules explainer. Consider it an exaggerated version of how ESPN analysts forever talk about how NBA basketball looked like in the 1990s.

Yeah I’d say Marshawn is perfect for this sort of broadcast. Hell I wonder what it’d be like trying to stop him from dunking in the faceoffs. Beast Mode + SlamBall = BeastBall?

While we’re reviving old SpikeTV classics (that Marshawn could participate in), maybe we should revisit bringing back Pros vs. Joes.