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L.J. Collier blocks a Russell Wilson pass, says Seahawks didn’t run ‘my type of system’

It’s the second time Camp Collier has insinuated Seattle didn’t help his cause.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Love the summer. The sun is out, the NFL is around the corner, and players say interesting things.

One of our own is back to take another shot at the Seattle Seahawks. Before we get there, let’s remember the strange convergence of former Seahawks - and not obscure ones, either - that met in the ring in preseason Week 1.

L.J. Collier had a good preseason game a few days ago, batting down a Russell Wilson pass, as well as....actually no, that was it.

Now, he’s turned around and doubled down on the notion that the Seahawks were the wrong team for him, explaining why he failed to pan out after four years as a first-round draft pick.

Oops, it appears I’ve accidentally included John Gilbert’s thoughts on the matter as well.

“It just didn’t fit for me, man,” Collier said in the full quote. “It wasn’t my type of system, my type of place. I tried my best to make it work. Sometimes places don’t work out. On to the next one, and I feel I have made a home here, and I feel like I will prove over the next couple of weeks I am worthy of the first-round pick I was a few years ago.”

Collier did call Seattle a great organization with great coaches, so it wasn’t all about the bad.

We wrote about Collier a while ago when his agent made a similar claim about Seattle being a bad fit.

Whatever the case, the Arizona Cardinals are set up to be hilariously bad this season, and you’ve got to wonder if all these comments are going to result in nothing good for Collier when the ‘Hawks play his team twice this season.