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When’s the last time you bought a Madden game?

Madden NFL 24 is (just about) out! Did you buy it yet?

EA Debuts New Games And Products During E3 Game Conference Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Madden NFL 24 is out this week via Early Access, with the full release set for August 18. This is as good an excuse as any to use this as both an open thread and to show what Pete Carroll looks like in this year’s edition of the long-running video game franchise.

So far, the game is going off without a hitch and playing as realistically as actual NFL football.

Oh well, those glitches are fixable. EA Sports are good with fixing those in patches, right?

Most NFL fans who’ve played video games have surely played Madden at least once, but it’s a bit of a running commentary that ever since the NFL gave exclusive rights to EA Sports, taking away the ESPN NFL 2K series at the height of its success, Madden’s just not been as strong and revered as it used to be. But there are still plenty of Madden fanatics who will buy the game on an annual basis.

So I ask: When’s the last time you purchased from the Madden series (if ever), and which edition of the game was the last one you could say you consistently enjoyed playing? And why is it the Madden with the vision cone for quarterbacks?