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Who are your all-time favorite running backs to watch?

Let’s have a more fun discussion about running backs.

Wild Card Playoffs - New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It seems we’re in an endless cycle of running back value discourse. Should they be paid beyond their rookie contract? Should they be drafted in Round 1-2? Should they actually be allowed to exist?

Let’s set all of that aside—we’ll still rubberneck and watch the Jonathan Taylor vs. Jim Irsay standoff—and have something about running backs but much more lighthearted.

The title of this discussion couldn’t be any simpler. Which running backs are your all-time favorites to watch? This is all-encompassing, so if only Seattle Seahawks running backs have ever been your favorites to watch, that’s your call. Otherwise I’m expecting a ton of answers across the NFL landscape (and maybe the AFL, for those of a certain age). Hell, why limit it to only pro football? Let’s include college football in there, because not every college sensation cut it at the pro level.

Marshawn Lynch is my obvious Seahawks pick, and obviously I must give a shout out to Shaun Alexander for his smooth style prior to his body breaking down in 2006.

Going outside of Seattle, I have too many to list, and undoubted current and future Hall of Famers like Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, Marshall Faulk, Frank Gore, and others are players I’ve enjoyed watching/feared watching play the Seahawks. Among active backs, Nick Chubb is my number one runner.

If I go a tier or two below the all-time greats, I loved the hell out of Jamaal Charles. He had legit world class speed and if not for injuries, I think he could’ve been Canton-bound. For sheer determination and versatility, Darren Sproles was legendary in my book. This is a game played by giants and a 5’6 dude amassed over 8,000 yards on offense and another 11,000 in return yards.

I’m a fan of Warrick Dunn as a person and loved his running style, and Priest Holmes was a true sensation in his prime with the Kansas City Chiefs.

And of course, Reggie Bush remains the greatest college football player I’ve ever seen.

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