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Colts running back Jonathan Taylor granted trade request

No, he’s not going to be a Seahawk. But where will he end up?

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Star running back Jonathan Taylor may be done with the Indianapolis Colts.

Having requested a trade earlier in the offseason, Colts owner and sentient stream of consciousness Jim Irsay said that the team wouldn’t let him go elsewhere. That was then, this is now.

The Colts are reportedly seeking a first-round pick or a multitude of picks that would be akin to a first-rounder.

Taylor is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and no extension is on the horizon for the 2020 second-round pick. There’s an important distinction to make with Taylor being a second-rounder, as he’s not eligible for a fifth-year option like first-round picks, and obviously the franchise tag isn’t an option until his deal is done. We’ve seen Saquon Barkley get a 1-year contract after rejecting the tag, whereas Josh Jacobs didn’t sign his franchise tag and is away from the team. It’s believed that Jacobs will return to the team before the regular season starts.

Through three years Taylor’s career has been stellar, particularly his 2021 season when he rushed for over 1,800 yards on 5.5 yards per carry, in addition to 18 touchdowns. Even on a dysfunctional and awful Colts team in 2022, he still produced 861 yards on 192 carries despite missing six games due to ankle injuries. Those are the only six games he’s missed as a professional.

Unless Pete Carroll and John Schneider are in one hell of a trolling mood, there’s no reason to think Taylor is donning a Seahawks uniform any time soon. But the potential for a Taylor trade is still worth monitoring if only for the possibility he ends up on a team the Seahawks play this regular season. Taylor is 24 with a minimal injury history and despite the devaluation of the position, it’s not like there are signs that his productivity is about to drop off a cliff. Maybe there’s no market for Taylor (or suitable compensation in a trade) and the Colts keep him, but I suspect he’ll be spending this season and beyond on a different team.