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Seahawks Reacts Results: Mike Jackson, Boye Mafe, and the state of Seattle’s loaded defense

Will Mike Jackson Sr. play another snap for the Seahawks? What type of production can we expect from Boye Mafe in 2023?

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Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Each week we ask questions of the most plugged-in Seattle Seahawks fans and fans across the country.

The regular season is nearly upon us, and now is the time for speculation. Who will be this year’s breakout player? What type of production can we expect to see from the Seattle Seahawks’ cadre of rookie top 100 picks? While I don’t know the answer to these rhetorical questions, I do know the answers to two others; earlier in the week, Mookie posed two questions to the Field Gulls readers, and now we return with the results of the survey!

The first question related directly to Mike Jackson Sr., who made a name for himself with his fiery play in 2022. As the primary starter opposite Tariq Woolen, Jackson finished the season with one interception and twelve passes defended while also starting all 17 games, according to Pro Football Reference. But Seattle drafted Devon Witherspoon with the fifth overall pick, one year after landing the steal of the decade in Woolen, as well as a growing slot/safety hybrid in Coby Bryant. For reference, here is a snippet of the original question.

So what’s the play here? Will Jackson stay here and be a major part of Seattle’s defense, or is he going to be let go in some form, via trade or waivers? What if he makes the roster only to be traded before the regular season opener?

Jackson is a young player who Pro Football Focus credits with exactly zero regular season starts and only 30 total snaps since the Dallas Cowboys made him a fifth round pick in 2019 (prior to coming to Seattle, of course). He is only 26 years old (one year older than Jake Bobo...), so age clearly isn’t the issue here. So what was the consensus? He’ll be on the team without any possibility of being dealt.

The second question posed to readers dealt with another noteworthy defensive player from 2022. This guy was a second round pick and — while his playtime was limited — he displayed encouraging glimpses of why so many were high on Mafe heading in to last year’s draft. As a rookie, he demonstrated a knack for run defense, and if reports are correct he has been showing growth as a pass rusher during the offseason, as well. Obviously, the question here isn’t if Mafe makes the roster; instead, Mookie asked readers the following:

The other question is about Boye Mafe, who had 3 sacks as a rookie last year but was frequently not getting snaps over Bruce Irvin. He looks like a different, improved player in preseason and that has ‘Hawks fans excited. Just how high can Mafe go this year with his sack count?

So what was the consensus there? Read below to find out!

I would say that 5-9 sacks is a pretty solid goal for Mafe in year 2! Regarding Mike Jackson, while 67% may not be an overwhelming consensus, it is still positive to see that a solid majority of fans expect to see him back this season. The optimism is palpable and excitement is growing... one more preseason game and the Seahawks are back baby!!!

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