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Watch: Drew Lock to Jake Bobo to put the Seahawks on the board

After not doing much of anything for most of the first half, DeeJay Dallas set things up for Lock and Bobo to knock ‘em down.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

It’s the preseason and fans are excite to see what their favorite dark horse players perform and potentially surprise their way on to the 53 man roster. For the Seattle Seahawks there has been no player this summer who has captivated fans like Jake Bobo, the 25 year old wide receiver with a 4.99 40 time at his pro day who has consistently gotten open and made impressive catches.

His impressive performances in practices had translated to the field in the first two preseason games, but Saturday against the Green Bay Packers the offense had not done much of anything through its first three drives. Then, on the fourth drive DeeJay Dallas moved the Hawks into the red zone with four carries that gained 43 yards and set up the Seahawks at the Packers 18 yard line. That is when Drew Lock and Jake Bobo did this.

The touchdown, combined with the Jason Myers extra point, moved the Seahawks to within two with just over two minutes remaining before halftime.