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Injury Updates: Kenny McIntosh sprains knee in mock game

How much, if any, time McIntosh might miss will be crucial in his development, especially while extra practice reps are available as Ken Walker continues to recover.

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The Seattle Seahawks used a pair of draft picks in the spring on running backs, adding Zach Charbonnet out of UCLA in the second round and Kenny McIntosh of Georgia in the seventh round. Charbonnet, of course, missed some practice time earlier in camp while the team investigated a shoulder injury, but will be back on the practice field Sunday after the Seahawks have Saturday off according to head coach Pete Carroll.

Unfortunately, during the mock game Friday night, McIntosh hurt his knee.

He would proceed to the blue medical tent for evaluation, and later be seen on the sideline with the knee wrapped.

Speaking to the media after the game, Carroll noted that McIntosh had sprained his knee, but that further testing would be required.

As a reminder, sprain is medical terminology for a tear, and in this instance the important factors will be what exactly within the knee is sprained and how severe the sprain is. Those details are likely to emerge in the coming days as the team has an opportunity to further test and analyze McIntosh’s knee.

The Seahawks have the day off Saturday, before returning to the practice field Sunday.