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Report: Seahawks bringing Roderick Perry right back

Just days after waiving the former Browns DT, the Seahawks are reportedly bringing him back.

Cleveland Browns OTAs Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are no stranger to roster churn, especially during training camp when they are regularly looking around to see if there are opportunities to improve the roster at the fringes. To that end, just last Tuesday the Seahawks waived former Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Roderick Perry when they brought back undrafted free agent Robert Cooper, who had been signed and then waived after the draft in the spring.

After clearing waivers, Perry worked out for the Miami Dolphins Saturday, but apparently in the wake of the mock game Friday the Hawks front office decided they needed more big bodies for the interior of the defensive front, opting to bring Perry back.

The trip from Miami to Seattle is, of course, not a short one, so it is not guarantee that Perry will be in uniform when the Hawks hit the practice field Sunday afternoon. However, if they opted to sign him Saturday after the conclusion of his workout with the Dolphins, it’s possible he is already in town, so whether or not he is in attendance will be one of those things that bears watching.