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Seattle Seahawks preseason network television affiliates

A list of every Seattle Seahawks television affiliate in the United States for preseason coverage!

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

During the regular season, the Seattle Seahawks can be viewed on FOX or CBS, as well as on national television through ESPN/ABC, NBC, and occasionally the NFL Network. In preseason, however, every team has its games air on a local flagship station. In the case of the Seahawks, KING-5 NBC in Seattle is the home network, which includes rights to preseason games.

Of course, not everyone lives in the Seattle-area where they can watch KING-5, but there’s good news! There are several local affiliates across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii where you can catch Seahawks preseason games live. Bad luck to those living in Montana.

Bookmark this because it will come in handy if you live in any of these areas. For our Canadian residents, if you have (for instance) a Rogers cable television subscription in British Columbia, Alberta, or Manitoba, you should be able to get either the NBC Seattle or FOX Spokane affiliates that would carry Seahawks preseason games.

Seattle Seahawks Washington Television Stations

Seattle KING – 5 NBC (Flagship station)

Spokane KAYU - 28 FOX

Tri-Cities KFFX - 11 FOX

Yakima KCYU - 41 FOX

Seahawks Oregon Television Stations

Bend KFXO - 39 FOX

Eugene KLSR - 34 FOX

Medford KMVU - 26 FOX

Portland KPTV - 12 FOX

Seahawks Idaho Television Stations

Boise KIVI - 6 ABC

Twin Falls KSAW - 52 ABC

Sun Valley KSAW - 52 ABC

Seahawks Alaska Television Stations

Anchorage KYUR - 13 ABC

Fairbanks KATN - 2 ABC

Juneau KJUD - 8 ABC

Seahawks Hawaii Television Stations

Honolulu KHNL - 13 NBC

Click the link below for radio network affiliates, which includes Montana and British Columbia!