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Casual Friday open thread: Your favorite non-Seahawks sports memories

A self-explanatory title.

Washington Bullets vs Seattle SuperSonics, 1979 NBA Finals Set Number: X23441 TK2 R2 F1

Welcome to Casual Friday, the open thread series dedicated to non-Seattle Seahawks related topics.

We’ll keep it within the sports realm and reminisce about favorite sports moments apart from the many that the Seahawks have given us. Most of the community watches at least one other sport and/or has personally participated in organized sports themselves, so answers involving other favorite teams or even your own individual success are acceptable!

My most recent favorite sports memory is the Portland Trail Blazers knocking out the Faux Sonics on Damian Lillard’s iconic shot, with Kevin Calabro on the mic. My reaction was more extreme than any Seahawks win.

In the long-term, this was probably a bad thing because the team has pretty much been shit since then and now Lillard is probably leaving. In the short-term, it got Portland to the Conference Finals for the first time since 2000.

Pretty much Usain Bolt’s entire run is going to be etched in my memory forever. There’s never been another track athlete like him and there probably never will be.

Maybe you were there when Ichiro broke the single-season record for hits in a season, or for The Double, or when the Seattle Sounders won MLS Cup in front of their home fans, or when the Sonics won their only NBA title, Seattle Storm won their first WNBA title. The floor is yours! Just join us in the comments section below.