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Update: Achilles injury ends Aaron Rodgers’ season after just 4 plays

Absolute worst case scenario for the New York Jets

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers departed the Green Bay Packers, the NFC, and now may be out of football for the year.

After trading a couple of second-round picks and change for Rodgers, the New York Jets were forced to watch as he went down with an Achilles injury after just four plays.

Rodgers was sacked on the play and left the game, never to return. The Zach Wilson era resumed for New York, who ended up winning on a walk-off punt return.

The bigger news is that the 39-year-old Rodgers’ season might be over already.

Update: It’s over.

The Seattle Seahawks don’t play the Jets this season (although they will in 2024), but Rodgers has been a familiar foe for a decade and this is a hilariously bad beat for New York, who proved how talented their roster is against the Buffalo Bills, and now must throw Wilson back out against their enemies, even if Rodgers’ season isn’t over.

It’s also worth noting that for next year’s NFL Draft, the Packers will not get a conditional first-round pick unless Rodgers plays at least 65 percent of the Jets’ offensive snaps. So that means unless the news is better than expected, the Jets are keeping their first-rounder.

Fortunately, the Jets are only designating cap space for Rodgers out to 2028 so this likely won’t affect them negatively for years to come.