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Seahawks STARTER Satin Jackets are here! And we have a giveaway winner!

Nearly 200 entered, but only one is getting a free Seahawks jacket.

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The Seattle Seahawks may have lost to the Los Angeles Rams, but we did have a Seahawks winner on the day!

Out of nearly 200 entrants in our Homage Satin STARTER Jacket giveaway contest, one person has prevailed and will soon get a Seahawks jacket.

As a refresher: The winning contestant had to correctly predict which Seahawks player would get the team’s first touchdown, how it would happen (pass/run/return), and how many yards the touchdown would be. There were also a couple of tiebreakers in case we had identical submissions. Whoever was closest to the actual result would get the grand prize.

The winning combination: DK Metcalf, pass play, 10 yards

The winning prediction: DK Metcalf, pass play, 13 yards

Congratulations to Feeldaburn (who just registered an account last week) for the win! He was one of the last submissions before the 1 pm deadline, and of the 17 entrants who correctly predicted Metcalf, he was the closest to 10 yards—don’t forget you were allowed to go over because this ain’t The Price is Right.

Here are some observations from all of your entries, which I reviewed in a spreadsheet:

  • No one guessed 10 yards as the distance for the Seahawks’ first touchdown. Somehow, someway, there were guesses from 1-9 yards and then from 11-28 yards consecutively but everyone skipped 10.
  • Everyone predicted the Seahawks would get their first touchdown in the 1st half, and overwhelmingly in the 1st quarter. Only 18 correctly said the Seahawks’ first TD would be in the 2nd quarter.
  • I don’t know if people misread the question or not, but two entrants predicted the Seahawks would get under 100 yards of total offense. They weren’t that far off at 180 yards. The closest to the correct total was jacobbower at 218 yards.
  • Kenneth Walker III and Tyler Lockett were the most popular selections.
  • One entrant immediately was out of the running by picking Devon Witherspoon, who didn’t play. Another one said Jamal Adams, which... I wish.
  • Four entrants chose Jake Bobo, so had that flea-flicker been converted we would’ve had one hell of a shot called to win the contest.

Thanks to everyone for playing! I think we’ll do more giveaways (and in different formats) in the future if possible after such tremendous participation. If you want your own Seahawks Satin Jacket from Homage, a new batch is launching today (Sept. 12) and will be available for purchase in the link below!

HOMAGE X Starter Seattle Seahawks Satin Jacket

  • $165

Vintage football attitude in a luxe package: our Seattle Seahawks HOMAGE x Starter Satin Jacket is built for the sidelines, with all the classic details of the original: full-snap buttons, slip pockets, elbow stripes and the essential interior patch. Game days just got a whole lot better. Pay homage.

But wait, there’s more!

Homage is offering 20-percent off any non-STARTER NFL item with the purchase of a jacket, and the Seahawks collection in particular includes hoodies, a crewneck, and various t-shirts, including a lot of throwbacks you’ve come to expect and a special Jaxon Smith-Njigba tee! Feel free to peruse because there’s a lot of good stuff you can add to your personal Seahawks collection or maybe gift to someone else as the holiday season approaches.