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Field Gulls Mailbag: Is it just one bad Seahawks game, or something more?

Answering your questions on all things Seahawks in this week’s mailbag!

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks had a narrow lead against the Los Angeles Rams heading into halftime on opening day, then got destroyed in the 2nd half 23-0 and took a terrible 30-13 defeat on their home turf. It’s Week 1 of a long season but with much greater expectations this season compared to 2022, the disappointment was palpable and the boos were loud and clear at Lumen Field. Is it just one bad game, or is it a sign of things to come that we had a bit of a false dawn that the team is back on the rise?

Earlier in the week I asked for questions from the Field Gulls community in our new mailbag series. Unlike the last couple of mailbag sessions, this one is in video format and this time I have a working web cam. Admittedly, it’s not the greatest quality and I was too impatient to fix the lighting but then I’m not sure you want or need a 1080p view of my face.


1:09 - AJ1978

My question is: Has anyone ever asked Pete if he has ever had the desire to run a less predictable defensive scheme? Or another way to pose the question: Pete, do you think teams have an easy time scheming plays to go against the same defense that you have been running forever?

3:39 - formerlyknownassoundersatheart

Question: Why do we continuously pass on players that everyone rates high and think we know better then the experts ? Jalen Carter

7:50 - Hammtime

Should I be happy that this is just the first game of the season or should I be worried that this is JUST the first game of, what is looking like, a very long season?

10:37 - Zak Venturo

Zak Venturo
Today I wanted to see a ballsy gunslinger like Lock. Will we this season? And do you think Pete will impede that possibility because it would mean taking a little more risk with the ball?

14:04 - Seattlesportsfan85

Today was a bad loss no doubt about that. But how come every time we have a loss Seahawks, and Seattle fans, always assume the worst? Could this be a long and bad season? Sure. But a long way to go. People will fan how they want to fan, but who do Seattle fans especially get so morose after a loss?

17:34 - GohawksfromABQ

What is it going to take to stop hemmoraging yards over the middle

20:56 - Chancelled

It's hard not to feel deflated after that loss. What jumps out to me is how open their receivers were and how many of our catches were contested.
We have Lockett, DK, JSN, Bobo, Dissly, Fant, Parkinson, Walker, Dallas, Charb, and depth behind them. Is it really a talent issue? I'm less certain about talent on defense but there's some really bright players like Woolen and Bobby out there. Why does our offense make everything look difficult and contested, whole our defense makes it look easy?
I want to think it's just one game but it feels more systemic than that. Hopefully it's just the start of new players learning how to work as a team and the talent overcomes any scheme deficiencies.

26:02 - SoundHawks

Will you come to my house and hit me in the head with a baseball bat so I forget the last 24 hours?

26:16 - Hawk McKraken XII

Hawk McKraken XII
I was hoping the secondary could cover and provide time for the pass rush to get home. With such high expectations coming into the season for the secondary, what happened? And will Spoon and Adams becoming healthy and seeing the field make any difference?

30:29 - wahgwaan

How far away are we from being in SF's league?

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