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Injury update: Riq Woolen not seriously hurt

Seahawks aplenty were injured in Detroit, but it all looks to be minor.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks played quite an injury-riddled game against the Detroit Lions, emerging with an incredible overtime win.

Already beat up heading into the game, both teams saw players drop like flies early. At one point, the Lions were down three defensive starters after the first drive.

On the Seahawks side of things, DK Metcalf, Riq Woolen, and center Evan Brown all departed at different points. This meant, among other things, that there was a portion of the game with three backup offensive linemen and Geno Smith didn’t even get killed.

Both Metcalf and Brown returned to play, with Metcalf making a few more catches while battling through a massive rib shot.

Woolen never returned, yet Pete Carroll significantly downplayed his ‘rib’ injury, which appears now to have been his shoulder.

Absent of any of the Pete-isms that often send someone to the IR like “legit”, “significant”, “unique”, or “we’re not really sure”, it seems reasonable to be optimistic that Woolen won’t miss significant time.

Devon Witherspoon and Tre Brown each had up and down days as cornerback counterparts. A couple of bad blunders apiece but some real significant playmaking out in the secondary.

Seattle takes on the Carolina Panthers at home at 1:05 next Sunday.