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Miraculous Hail Mary not enough to prevent biggest blown lead of Russell Wilson’s career

New coach, arguably worse results for Denver.

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

I promise we won’t do this as much as last year because we don’t have the major incentive, but we’re still going to keep an eye on Russell Wilson and how the Denver Broncos are doing. They still owe us a third-round pick from this year’s trade, so we still sorta have to pay attention to Denver (and the New Orleans Saints).

The Broncos had a commanding 21-3 lead over the Washington Commanders, with Russ looking like his old self and dialing up bombs to one of my favorite draft picks, Marvin Mims Jr.

And our old pal Cody Barton was victimized on a TD.

Denver’s defense disintegrated and Kareem Jackson is making it his personal mission to be the new Bernard Pollard. He ought to be suspended.

As Sam Howell ripped up the Broncos defense, Russ and the offense stalled out. After the 21-3 lead, Denver’s ensuing four possessions were a pair of punts and a pair of Wilson turnovers, one of which was recovered by Barton.

That massive lead turned into a 35-24 Commanders lead with 7:11 to go. Wilson and the Broncos offense took an eternity and showed zero urgency, scoring just a field goal on the other side of the two-minute warning and with a timeout lost. They got the ball back with little time remaining and about 90 yards to go, and then...

But they needed 2 more! And Sean Payton didn’t get the DPI call in his favor. We’ve heard that before.

Game over, Commanders are 2-0, Denver is 0-2, and it’s now the largest blown lead of Russell Wilson’s career. The previous worst collapse was the 2015 game against the Bengals, when Seattle was up 24-7 but gave up the last 20. This was Denver’s biggest blown lead at home since 1994.

Wilson started the game 6/8 for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns, but the rest of the way he was 12/24 for 154 yards and 2 turnovers, not to mention 7 sacks taken. Denver was just 4/12 on 3rd down and now we have WRISTBAND-GATE 2.0!

The Broncos defense was so stout for much of last year but they look terrible this year, and let Brian Robinson and Sam Howell tear them apart. So not only did Denver’s offense stall out again, but the defense is struggling big time.