On A Man Who May Soon Become A Father

Stephen Michael Largent, proud father of four grown children and former U.S. Representative for his native Oklahoma, stands 5’11" tall. He is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Member. Across fourteen NFL seasons, Mr. Largent played at such an exceptional level, he dominates every standard Seattle Seahawks career franchise receiving record. In the sole competition pro colors Steve ever wore, he logged:

  • 200 games
  • 819 receptions
  • 13,089 yards
  • 100 touchdowns

Tyler Deron Lockett, licensed Realtor, stands 5’10" (ish) tall, and likewise curiously hails from Oklahoma’s smallish medium-sized city of Tulsa (they did matriculate through/star at receiver for different high schools: Putnam City versus Booker T. Washington). He further shares in common with Mr. Largent becoming a professional ball catcher - squee - for our same Seattle Seahawks! In 2023 Mr. Lockett blissfully wedded his longtime sweetheart Lauren. 2023 as well is his ninth pro season, still and ever college navy and action green doffed.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Two games into Seattle’s fresh 48th campaign, per those same franchise career receiving records, Tyler Lockett stands either direct behind Mr. Largent, or third back of University of Miami’s Brian Blades:

  • 129 games (2)
  • 543 receptions (3: BB 581; target October/November, CLE or BAL)
  • 7,169 yards (3: BB 7,620; target November, BAL or WAS)
  • 56 touchdowns (2)

And here’s where this epistle goes all-body goosebump freaky.

Should Mrs. Lauren Lockett, née Jackson, accommodate her stone baller Mister through 2027, his thirteenth pro receiver season… And Mr. Lockett remain virtuously healthy through achieving 35 annums…

  • he’ll match or beat 200 games (15 x 5 = 75: 204)
  • >819 receptions is well within reason (~56 per season; averaged 60 per, past four)
  • >100 touchdowns is well within reason (averaged 9 past five, so +45 = 101)
  • 13,089 yards remains untouchable, barring amazeballs

(estimated figures regular season only - whereas for career, post-season counts)

Tyler. Deron. Lockett.

The most under-rated wide receiver in history