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Geno Smith bounces back, nominated for Air Player of Week

Geno had one of the top performances in Week 2.

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Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

Geno Smith shattered his 4.3 yards per attempt in Week 1, posting 8.0 YPA, 2 TD, and a 116.3 rating as the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Detroit Lions in overtime of Week 2.

That was a return to the handful of spectacular games Smith posted in 2022, and subsequently he’s been nominated for the FedEx Air Player of the Week.

These are fun little exercises each week, and while he probably shouldn’t win over Kirk Cousins - he’s actually last in the poll until all you guys read this and vote! - it’s another reminder of how the Week 1 overreaction can be dangerous.

Quite a few preseason evaluations of the Seahawks urged caution, behind the fact that Smith’s “great” season was artificially upheld by three or four stellar games.

Well, that game-winning OT drive was a thing of confidence and beauty, signifying that Smith is indeed capable on any given week of putting up one of the best performances in the NFL.

Incidentally, Geno Smith won an NFC offensive player of the week award last season, after beating...the Lions.