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Delayed Reaction: Thoughts on the Seahawks 53-man roster and practice squad

We go to the video (sort of) to talk about the Seahawks regular season roster.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As promised a few weeks back, I’m going to do some videos to accompany written work on Field Gulls. It’s been a minute since we’ve had any consistent video content and the goal is to do this semi-regularly throughout the season and even in the offseason. I don’t want to do “immediate takeaways” or anything similar when that’s a pretty crowded market, so maybe “Delayed Reaction” can be the very distant cousin of Enemy Reaction.

We’ve had a couple of days to digest the Seattle Seahawks’ 53-man roster and even the practice squad. You may notice I didn’t bother with an instant reaction article to the initial 53-man roster knowing full well things were going to change and render those first thoughts obsolete. So over the next 40 minutes not only do you get my thoughts on the roster, but I feature some of your comments from Thursday’s open thread!

A couple of apologies:

  • I was supposed to be on webcam, which I’ve regularly done on StreamYard as a guest on other shows. Despite great Wi-Fi connection on my laptop the camera quality was a shambles when playing it back. In fact, I actually re-recorded this segment all over again, which was a struggle for my voice and an annoyance because I left some good stuff on the unusable one. Next time I’ll try this on my wired connection on the desktop with my purchased webcam and not the apparently oft-mocked FaceTime “HD” camera.
  • At times (not often) you can hear feint background noise of kids being kids and loudly playing in the grassy courtyard area outside of my home. Nothing I can do about that other than record when they’re supposed to be in school.

The key timestamps

Offense: 1:15

Defense: 13:20

Special Teams, PUP and Suspended: 28:00

Practice Squad: 28:57

Overall Roster Thoughts: 30:24

Community Comments: 33:10

Closing: 41:37

This is genuinely the first time I’ve done any solo recording so bear with me on this one, and I’ll try and make the best adjustments moving forward.