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Open thread: College Football Saturday!

Are you keepin an eye on Sandersmania? Or college football in general? Chat here!

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you, but following the Russell Wilson trade I ended up watching a lot more college football than I have in years, primarily on quarterback prospects. That’s continued this year but mostly to watch Colorado and the Deion Sanders experience. Deion is Deion, but Shedeur Sanders is damn fun to watch and that comeback against Colorado State was gutsy.

As an Oregon resident, this state is hopping mad for Colorado and the Oregon Ducks, and ticket prices are through the roof. Usually Oregon waits until the later portion of the season to lose their way out of a playoff spot, but maybe a surprise is in store and they won’t be able to back up their 21-point favorite status. We’ll see at 12:30 on ABC!

Ohio State-Notre Dame, Florida State-Clemson, Cal-Washington, Oregon State-Washington State, and a host of other games are on the menu.

Are you still keeping tabs on certain QBs and players in general in the college ranks? Let us know in the comments!

College football TV schedule from 506 Sports

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