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PHOTO: Members of the 2013 Seahawks Super Bowl team reunite

Not everyone was there, but more than enough to invoke happy memories.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XLVIII Set Number: X157585 TK1 R1 F25

Want to feel nostalgic? The Seattle Seahawks have got you covered.

Sunday’s home game against the Carolina Panthers will feature a halftime ceremony honoring the ten-year anniversary of the first and only Super Bowl championship team in franchise history, and there will be dozens upon dozens of former players and coaches in attendance. Bobby Wagner, of course, will actually be playing in the game.

The Seahawks had a walkthrough on Saturday, and we got to see the family reunite for a special photo.

Unfortunately, no Earl Thomas in the picture. Brandon Browner is still in prison so he obviously couldn’t be here, and Russell Wilson is in Miami for the Broncos-Dolphins game. You still get the majority of the champions in for one happy reunion.

Everyone will be real happy if the 2023 Seahawks honor the 2013 Seahawks with a W.