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2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Panthers 1st Quarter game thread

The Seahawks look for a second straight win and their first home victory of the season.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

We’ve been here before with the Seattle Seahawks playing the role of comfortable home favorites against a bad Carolina Panthers team. Last year it didn’t end very well, so the goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen again this year.

The Seahawks are on a high after a thrilling win over the Lions, whereas the Panthers have shown very little offense but fairly competent defense in their two losses. Victory here assures Seattle of at least a .500 record before what is honestly a much-needed early bye week. A loss and the mood may turn sour once again, akin to the feelings after the opening day home defeat to the Rams.

It’s time for revenge!


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