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Casual Friday open thread: Celebrating your wins!

The end of the month is here! What were your big victories for September?

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Welcome to Casual Friday, the open thread where we divert our attention away from the Seattle Seahawks to talk about other stuff!

As always, we save the last Casual Friday of the month for celebratory occasions. What are your personal wins over the past few weeks that you’re proud to share? Here are just a handful of responses we’ve gotten in previous editions.

Managed to pedal my old bones up to Pike's Peak summit at > 4000 meters. The new brake pads were screaming nearly as loud as me during the descent. Spectacular scenery. Also, I am getting nearly the whole month with my wife who lives in the Springs.

Got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army.

My neighbor finally realized my 30 pound mini golden doodle absolutely, positively loves her. She is an 80 year old cat person who has always disdained dogs.
I saw him putting his paws up on the fence from my kitchen window and walked out to see her petting him and smiling broadly. All I could make out was, "You are perfect. Wanna treat?". After that day, for some reason he has a craving for the cat treats we feed our cats;)
The whole interaction made me a tad bit weepy.
Also, I can now walk, again. I tore a ligament that just so happened to be positioned over a cutaneous nerve and caused unbearable pain, 24/7 for a month. I followed the docs advice for once and healed properly. Getting older sucks.

My 11 month daughter just started saying "daddy" :-)

Your win can be monumental or minor, it doesn’t really matter! We’re all here to congratulate each other.

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