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Enemy Reaction: The best of the 2022 Seahawks season

Let’s review last year’s best Seahawks opposition fan meltdowns!

Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 37-23 during a NFL football game. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

A brand new NFL season is here, which means Enemy Reaction is back! It’s a Field Gulls tradition for me to review all of the Seattle Seahawks’ wins from the previous season, and we not only had nine wins to celebrate, but every Denver Broncos loss was also a win for the Seahawks, and so was one particular loss by the Green Bay Packers. It was one of the most memorable years in the 10+ year history of Enemy Reaction.

As is the standard, I only highlight 1-2 game thread moments from each win, and this year we’ll have our chance to look back a couple of the meltdowns from Broncos fans who witnessed Russell Wilson’s double agent act to get Seattle a top-5 pick.


Win #1 vs. Denver Broncos: Nathaniel Hackett is the Seahawks’ real MVP

Win #2 at Detroit Lions: Rashaad Penny’s dagger touchdown

Win #3 vs. Arizona Cardinals: Fourth Quarter Kenny is here!

Win #4 at Los Angeles Chargers: The Marquise Goodwin Daily Double

Win #5 vs. New York Giants: Tyler Lockett’s Double Move

Win #6 at Arizona Cardinals: Giving Arizona the Boot

Win #7 at Los Angeles Rams: DK Metcalf plays catch with his son

Win #8 vs. New York Jets: Geno’s revenge

Win #9 vs. Los Angeles Rams: Diggs denies Detroit a playoff berth

...But Detroit eliminates the Packers

L at San Francisco 49ers: Deebo’d

(No screenshot, so here’s a close approximation of reaction from Seahawks fans)

The best of the worst of the Broncos

vs. Indianapolis Colts

vs. Los Angeles Chargers

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Yup, we’re starting and ending with Denver thinking their kicker has a limitless leg. He’s now with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For the most part, we’ll lay off the Broncos this season if they’re comically bad again if only because we have no first-round picks tied to them anymore. We’ve ideally got too much time to focus on even more Seahawks victories than in 2022, plus some playoff wins to boot. Hear that, Vance Joseph? Boot?! Where did he end up getting a new defensive coordinator gig, anyway? Oh. Oh boy.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!