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Seahawks rookies Devon Witherspoon, Derick Hall, Mike Morris all return to practice

Seahawks get some defensive guys back, is it in time for Week 1?

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks first draft pick has finally returned to practice.

Devon Witherspoon has been sidelined since August 7 with a hamstring issue, putting the beginning of his rookie year into question. He was never placed on Injured Reserve, however, and hope remained.

And here he comes.

Also from a month ago, Darrell Taylor showed up on a Thursday in early August in a sling. He too is at Labor Day practice.

Witherspoon has had an unfortunate start to his career, and Pete Carroll claimed he is “unlikely” to play in Week 1. His return to practice today likely doesn’t change that, though it’s a great sign that he will now do what Carroll described returning to football shape. He showed in limited time that he is as ferocious as advertised, and hopefully the Seahawks can get him up to speed quickly for some potential Week 2 action.

Darrell Taylor has been out a near identical amount of time, with a shoulder sprain. He hopes to lead a revamped pass rush in 2023, and we’ll find out more about his Week 1 availability soon.

Mike Morris and Derick Hall were also seen at practice. This practice was limited availability to the media, and it’s not yet known to what extent all players participated. The first injury report of the season will come at Wednesday’s practice, after players take Tuesday off.