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Open thread: Make your Seahawks 2023 season predictions!

We’ll review this thread at the end of the Seahawks season to see who’s the most accurate!

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We’re just five days away from the start of the Seattle Seahawks regular season for 2023, so now’s a good time to get some predictions in! This is inspired by longtime Field Gulls community member STUFR.

Michael STUFR Edwards
We need a couple of season prediction stories. One for game by game and one for the division. Let everyone throw down with what they think will happen. It would be great if there was a way to log it and see who wins at the end of the year.

There will be predictions posts over the next three days, and one of them I think you’ll really enjoy. Today will be all about the community’s picks (but with guidelines so you’re not going all over the place), Wednesday we will use Google Forms for a special prize giveaway (this is not tied to DraftKings) with a specific predictions for Seahawks vs. Rams, and then Thursday the Field Gulls staff predictions post for the Seahawks season goes live.

But I do want you all to follow this format so that it’s all uniform and we can track this at the end of the season:

How many regular season wins will the Seahawks have?

How many wins will the Seahawks have against their NFC West opponents? Please list these by opponent (e.g: 2 vs. Cardinals, 2 vs. Rams, 2 vs. 49ers)

What position will the Seahawks finish in the NFC West?

If they qualify, what seed will the Seahawks be in the playoffs?

If they qualify, how far will the Seahawks go in the playoffs?

Will the Seahawks finish top-10 in scoring offense?

Will the Seahawks finish top-10 in scoring defense?

Any other predictions you have (e.g. individual games, individual or team stats, etc.) is entirely up to you, but I do want those questions in the blockquotes to be answered so consider them mandatory. When the season is over we’ll look back at your comments and see who fared the best.

Go for it!