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Field Gulls Contest: Seattle Seahawks STARTER Satin Jacket giveaway!

There’s a free jacket on the line for the winner of our special Seahawks vs. Rams prediction!

(If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.)

A new NFL season is just about here, and we have a fun contest to bring you that is tied to the Seattle Seahawks’ season opener against the Los Angeles Rams!

Our affiliate partners at Homage do great work making vintage-inspired apparel, and one of the most popular items among Seahawks fans last year was the Starter Satin Jacket. Given the Seahawks are bringing out the throwback look later this season, this is as good a time as any to Gear Up and add to your Seattle clothing collection!

This is the biggest and most anticipated release of the season for Homage. Ahead of the Tuesday, September 12 launch we have partnered with Homage to give away one of these jackets for free!


I own one of these jackets and not only is it comfortable and fits me perfectly, but fellow Seahawks fans have given me shoutouts and compliments in public for the look.

This is the first giveaway contest I can recall us doing for a good while, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

Who is eligible?!

Everyone with a Field Gulls account who lives in the United States is eligible to enter. If you’re reading this (and are based in the USA) but do not have an SB Nation/Field Gulls account, it takes just minutes to register and it’s free!

How do you play?

After entering your email address (which only I’ll be able to view, since it’s my form and I’ll be contacting the winner), answer the following prediction questions for Seahawks vs. Rams:

  • Which player will score the first Seahawks touchdown?
  • How will the touchdown happen? (Pass, Rush, all sorts of Return options)
  • How many yards will that touchdown be? This needs to be an exact number, not a range of yards.

So for example: DK Metcalf, pass play, 40 yards. I’m only counting who actually got into the end zone, so if Geno Smith threw the TD, it’s still DK’s touchdown since only the player who crossed the end zone gets the points (duh).

What are the tiebreakers?

There are two tiebreaker questions to answer:

  • What quarter will the Seahawks score their first touchdown? Overtime is considered a separate quarter from the 4th.
  • Guess Seattle’s total yards of offense. This is essentially the Plan B in case the Seahawks upset us all and fail to score a touchdown.

Note: You are allowed to go over the actual yardage total since this isn’t The Price is Right. but if, say, DK Metcalf catches a 34-yard touchdown pass and one person guesses 33 yards and another guesses 35, tiebreaker goes to the under.

Who will be declared the winner?

Whichever person is closest to the correct result.

When is the deadline?!

Submissions will be closed on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 1 pm PT, or just shortly before kickoff of the Rams game. By this point the inactives will have been announced.


There are still a few jackets in stock in XXL size if you want to order now, but when Sept. 12 rolls around then the Satin jackets will be replenished across all sizes.

While you’re here, don’t forget you can Gear Up with other Seahawks items on sale in this link, including the “Victory Monday” shirts and the retro hoodies! I have both a vintage shirt and a hoodie and the hoodie is perfect for the fall and winter seasons when the weather is chillier and rainier.

Have fun and good luck!