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Ted’s Talk: Simulating the Seahawks’ 2023 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl

How do the Seahawks fare in a simulated season using a classic football video game?

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is predicting the outcome of the upcoming NFL season using a multitude of methods including some advanced statistical analysis. The Madden NFL video game is another popular choice for simulation.

Those are all well and good, but let’s try something a little more “retro” to match the throwback jerseys the Seahawks will wear this season. Instead, Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the choice. I grew up playing that game and, like many others, consider it one of the best sports games ever created.

Each year dedicated and talented fans release roster updates for the classic football game to bring the current players into the classic game. The roster update used in this simulation was created by SBlueman and featured rosters as of 7/25/2023 – so it’s not necessarily perfect, but it’s as good as we can hope for.

There are a few caveats to discuss. Since it’s just an update to the original game, there isn’t the ability to add the 17th regular season game nor the 7th Wild Card team. We’ll make do with what we have.

So, how does Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 think that the Seattle Seahawks will fare?

Pretty much the same as last year in terms of wins and losses, but that’s enough to win the NFC West! A 9-7 record would be a bit of a letdown in my opinion, but the home playoff game is nice. My personal expectations are for the Seahawks to win double digit games and push the San Francisco 49ers for first place in the NFC West. Through that lens, the Tecmo Super Bowl outcome is pretty close to what I’m anticipating.

2023 Season Statistical Round-up

*Only players with notable stats are shown. Remember that this is only for a 16-game season.


Geno Smith – 147/244, 2,983 yards, 60.2% completion, 32 TD, 20 INT, 80.8 QB rating

Ken Walker III – 139 carries for 1,002 yards and 14 TD, 5 catches for 222 yards and 1 TD

Tyler Lockett – 40 catches for 975 yards, 7 TD

DK Metcalf – 42 catches for 1,025 yards, 10 TD

Jaxon Smith-Njigba – 46 catches for 810 yards, 11 TD

Noah Fant – 14 catches for 346 yards, 3 TD

Looking at that 20 INT number, you can see why the Seahawks finished with a 9-7 record. I think the Seahawks would gladly take 32 TDs from Smith but would be hoping for an INT count of about half that. Walker barely squeaking in a second consecutive 1,000 yard rushing season with a hefty 14 TDs is nice. And look at those WR numbers! The big disappointment there would be Lockett just missing out on his 5th consecutive 1,000 yard receiving season. If JSN overcomes his injury and finishes with those stats…hot dang! Clearly, the TE group’s output was collateral damage from the WR room’s production.


Dre’Mont Jones – 12 sacks

Uchenna Nwosu – 10 sacks

Darrell Taylor – 7 sacks

Bobby Wagner – 7 sacks, 3 INT

Jamal Adams – 3 sacks, 2 INT

Coby Bryant – 1 sack, 7 INT

Tariq Woolen – 4 INT

Devon Witherspoon – 3 INT

Quandre Diggs – 3 INT

Compared to previous years, I can’t say I’d be too mad about ranking 18th in total defense since that would show improvement and hope for an even brighter future. Dre’Mont Jones and Uchenna Nwosu each hitting double digit sacks after signing big contracts would be a huge win. Bobby Wagner clearly was feeling right back at home and produced like prime BWagz. Those are some high INT numbers across the board too…looks like the “ballHawks” are back!

Special Teams

Jason Myers – 11/14 FG, 43/46 XP

Michael Dickson – 3rd in the NFL in average at 52.1 yards

Broncos Bonus

Since there’s a 2024 third-round pick connected to the Denver’s performance this season, there is still reason to pay at least a bit of attention to the Broncos. That 6-10 record would be quite helpful!

2023 NFL Playoffs…according to Tecmo Super Bowl

Dang, too bad the 2023 Seahawks run in the playoffs was short-lived. Despite having a home game due to winning the NFC West, they were overmatched by the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card round 24-7. Seattle’s defense held up well in the run game but were torched by Jalen Hurts through the air. That would be a disappointing end to the season.

Looking at the rest of the playoffs, we can hope that Tecmo Super Bowl is just plain wrong considering the championship games featured Cleveland vs. Cincinnati in the AFC and San Francisco vs. Dallas in the NFC.

Now we know the game is definitely wrong if they have the Super Bowl matchup of Cleveland vs. Dallas!

Congrats to the Cleveland Browns, the 2023 Super Bowl champions who managed to overcome an injury to Nick Chubb and outdueled the Dallas Cowboys 34-21. Seahawks Legend Ethan Pocic gets a ring!

So there you go, a totally accurate depiction of what will happen this season…according to an updated version of Tecmo Super Bowl.