Wonky Takes and Wild Predictions: Week #1

Greeting Y'all,

I'm so excited for the 2023 Season! I think I'll post a short column, pretty much for my own Amusement each week listing some predictions about players. Here are my top 3 for Defense and Offense:


1.) DK Metcalf will score 2 TD's vs. the RAMS! The Rams have always played us well, even in down years. Fake Punts, Fake-Out Punts, Going for it on 4th down, etc. They seem almost desperate to beat us, even when they are having a down year. It won't be any different on Sunday, so while they might lose, they don't want to lose "to a rookie" so I can see JSN drawing the double teams, leaving DK in 1:1's. Something that I've read Geno Smith has worked on in the Off Season is his 50/50 balls to DK in the end zone. I think we will see two TD's to DK on Sunday!

2.) TE Group goes over 100 yards! It won't likely be any one player, but with so much pressure on that new secondary and still a formidable pass rush from Aaron Donald, I see Geno dumping it off to the TE group for 15 yards a pop multiple times. The line for TE's will be 11 for 123 and 1 TD. Unsure if it's Uncle Will or someone else.

3.) Only one penalty on the O-line per half. This group will show us marked improvement right from the get-go. Geno might also get through the game with only being sacked once.


1.) Boye Mafe will have 2 Sacks. Similar to the improvement we will see from our O-line, I expect the Rams O-line to struggle. The result will be a much more consistent vs. the Run Mafe earned the Start and he will take full advantage of every snap he's out there with 2 Sacks, 2 TFL, 5 Total Tackles and either a tipped pass or an INT.

2.) Bobby Wagner will lead the TEAM in Tackles......Again. Fresh of learning all of the RAMS plays, he will make himself known. Wagner goes for 15 Tackles, 3 TFL's and maybe a forced fumble.

3.) Defense holds the Rams under 120 Rushing Yards and 3 yards per carry.


Seahawks 37 Rams 17 with a Drew Lock Sighting in the final drive of the game!