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Seahawks vs. Rams listed as one of more watchable Week 1 games

This new “Watchability” metric has a good score for Seahawks vs. Rams.

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There’s a fun new metric entering the NFL this year, geared entirely towards you, the fan.
Tej Seth and the team at Sumer Sports has released a “Watchability Scale” for the 2023 season.

For Week 1, Seahawks vs Rams is slightly above average for Watchability, with a score higher than eight other games this weekend.

The criterion are:

  • Expected point spread
  • Expected total points
  • Combined Elo rankings from both teams
  • Quarterback strength

With Seattle’s divisional matchup having one of the biggest spreads of Week 1, that’s a factor keeping them close to the middle of the pack.

I doubt this is a feature we’d want to run every week. ““Seahawks are a kind of interesting game!” is not news. I included this first one because it’s new, and Tej has done cool work for a couple of years. If the Seahawks find themselves with one of the most (or least!) watchable games some week, I’d expect to throw this together again.

One thing worth keeping an eye on: if Geno Smith plays like his 85% completion rate and early MVP level again, what that might do for the Hawks on this scale. He was must see TV for a month last season.