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Seahawks locked into 3rd place schedule for 2024 season

Only two of Seattle’s 2024 opponents are not yet known.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Conor Courtney/Getty Images

Just two months ago, the Seattle Seahawks held the top spot in the NFC West. On the first day of 2024, Seattle is now out of a playoff spot and locked into 3rd place in the division behind the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams.

The 49ers are the No. 1 seed in the NFC for the second time in five seasons, while the Rams will either be the No. 6 or No. 7 seed depending on how Week 18 results pan out. Perhaps now’s as good a time as any to really scrutinize how badly Pete Carroll’s teams have been dominated by Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay.

What does this all mean for the Seahawks’ 2024 schedule? Well, they will have a “3rd place schedule” of opponents. Truthfully, this means very little. Only three of their 17 games will be against teams in other divisions with identical placements, otherwise the other NFC West teams get the same schedule.

Seahawks’ 3rd Place Opponents for 2024

NFC East: vs. New York Giants
NFC South: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints
AFC West: vs. Denver Broncos/Las Vegas Raiders

Their other non-divisional games will be against the entire NFC North and AFC East, which sounds extremely daunting even a year in advance. This defense better hope for serious improvement or major opposition regression if they want to stymie the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins.

We will know the Seahawks’ full 2024 regular season opponents list after the Week 18 results are done.